Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

Greenstar Elite Cold Juicer: The Greenstar Elite Cold Juicer Extractor by Tribest uses a three-stage juice extraction process to get the most yield out of fruits and vegetables. From root vegetables to high fibers vegetables, the Juice Extractor is designed to extract every drop of nutrition.

The result is the juice that is healthy, increases your energy, and enhances your general sense of well-being.

The low-speed extraction system minimizes the amount of heat and oxygen, thus preserving the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. The advanced twin gear system uses both bio-ceramic and magnetic technology for a three-stage juicing process – crushing, mixing, and pressing. The addition of the mixing stage makes it easier to effectively juice soft fruits.

Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer



  • Safety switch system that disables the machine unless it is assembled properly. There is no access to the moving parts without the machine being disengaged.
  • Automatic ejection of pulp allows for more constant juicing and easier clean up.
  • Can also be used to make baby food and sorbets.
  • Specially designed handle makes it easily portable.
  • Detachable power cord.
  • The adjusting knob has ridges to make it easier to grip and turn.
  • Fewer parts mean easier cleaning. The safety hood can double as its own drying rack.

Detail Review:

The Green Star Elite Jumbo Juice Extractor has received very few negative reviews. However, the complaints have been vociferous. One reviewer complained that the juicer would turn off when extracting juice from vegetables and coconuts.

They eventually had to override the safety cut off to finish the job. The juicing knob also failed twice on this particular unit, needing to be replaced both times. Other complaints found the Juice Extractor to be cheaply made for the price. One person had trouble with their juicer either not starting or stopping in the middle of juicing.

On the positive side, over half of the buyers who have reviewed this juicer gave it the highest rating of five stars. This product has been praised in numerous reviews for the amount of juice it produces vs. other juicers of its kind. Clean up receives kudos as well.

One disabled commenter stated that they got the juicer apart and clean in about five minutes.

This juicer also received high marks for its versatility. Many people commented that they were using this machine for more than just juicing. This juicer has been used to successfully make sorbets, pates, and baby food. A tip for making sorbet that was submitted by one of the reviewers is to put the gears in the freezer for twenty minutes before starting. This prevents the frozen fruit from melting during the process.


Overall, the Green Star Elite Juice Extractor is highly recommended. The majority of the negative comments seem to point toward defective units. One of the positive comments came from someone who had a negative experience with their first juicer.

The company sent a replacement and the new juicer was working marvelously. When compared to the GS-1000 model, this GSE-5000 is much better.

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