Hurom slow juicer review 2020

Technological system to first crush then press. The end result is maximum yield with minimal waste.

The juice it produces is smooth and foam-free, filled with essential vitamins and nutrients.

This juicer is both quiet and compact and can be left on the counter when not in use. Testing by the company indicates that this juicer can produce 50% more juice than a centrifuge type juicer in about half the time.

Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer


  • This is a slow speed juicer. This process produces a more nutritious and less frothy beverage from vegetables, grasses, and fruits.
  • Two stage extraction system first crushes the food then presses it to extract the maximum amount of juice leave behind the minimum amount of waste.
  • This small and attractively designed juicer that can be left on the counter top.
  • Operates quietly and efficiently.
  • Has a self-cleaning feature using only water.
  • Comes with two 50 oz. juicing cups, a tamper, a brush, and an instruction manual.
  • Protected by a ten year warranty.

Detail Review:

Positive comments abound regarding this juicer. There are a sizable number of negative reviews as well. Although this juicer has earned a very high rating, the negative comments are worth looking at before going on to the positive reviews.

A number of people complained that his juicer is cheaply made. Several had experiences where the unit actually cracked and broke. One person replaced the strainer eight times and the bowl and gears twice each.

According to one reviewer, the juicer was making an abnormally loud grinding sound that the company described as normal. There are also a few complaints about leaking between the base of the unit and the bowl.

Fortunately, positive reviews overwhelm the negative ones. The ten-year warranty is a big plus among buyers who feel confident that the company will stand by its product.

Although it works at low speed, produces juice quickly and relatively quietly. Everything from kale to apples to cucumbers is handled well.

One of the positive comments was unhappy with the results they received from apples. They were juicing apples and getting what amounted to apple sauce instead of juice.

A call to the company resulted in a suggestion to try harder apples. The reviewer came home with Fuji apples and they worked great.


The Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer is a highly recommended product. Treat it well, as there is some indication that less than stellar construction might have resulted in a juicer that leaks if treated to rough.

Positive feedback indicates that this juicer performs as advertised, producing a great beverage in little time and without a lot of waste.

Some suggestions are to peel citrus fruits, as it won’t handle the rinds, and to cut up fibrous or green leafy vegetables for optimal results.

This juicer is definitely worth considering if you are looking at purchasing a juice extractor.

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