Jay Kordich PGP001 “PowerGrind Pro” Juicer

Years of experience have gone into the design of the Jay Kordich PGP001 Juice for Life PowerGrind Pro Juicer. The result is a revolutionary hybrid machine that grinds and extracts. Technological advances allow this machine to squeeze more juice out of every ounce of vegetables and fruits.

The powerful low RPM motor reduces oxygen exposure and delivers a more nutritious glass of juice. Unlike other juicers, this machine can also make rice, soy, and almond milk. The combination of grinding and extracting allows for the production of maximum juice with a minimum of waste.


  • Hybrid technology is approved for four international patents. This machine grinds and extracts to get the maximum amount of juice out of vegetables and fruits with minimal waste.
  • Grinding and extracting methods get 85% more nutrients and juice out of your vegetables and fruit.
  • Quiet and very powerful low RPM motor has a lifetime guarantee. Warranty period is 3 years on parts.
  • Has a double feed food chute and a detachable extra-large basket for pulp.
  • Can not only juice leafy greens, but also makes soy milk and almond milk.

Detail Review:

Reviews for this juicer are amazingly positive. The majority of reviewers have given this juicer the highest possible rating.

Negative comments are hard to come by. One reviewer did have trouble with this juicer binding up. This user ended up having to take the machine apart and clean it, but the binding happened again.

This unit was eventually returned. Commenters suggest that the problem this uses faced was due to not pushing the food through with enough pressure. The suggestion was to apply more pressure and let the spinning and grinding take care of the rest.

Positive comments reveal this machine to be an outstanding juicer. According to the reviews, it produces a great tasting and foam free glass of juice. This machine has no problem with leafy greens or even nuts.

Nut milk is growing in popularity, and this machine will produce it easily. More than one commentator stated that the Jay Kordich PGP001 PowerGrind Pro Juicer was easy to clean, taking only about 10 to 15 minutes.

This juicer also gets points for aesthetics. It has been described as well designed and professional looking. The darker exterior can even temporarily hide small stains on the outside of the machine.

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This juicer is very highly recommended. The largest number of comments are extremely positive. The only real negative review seemed to come from someone who might not have been using the product correctly.

Even though it operates quietly at low RPM, this is a powerful juicer. Applying more pressure to your fruits and vegetables will get them through the machine and produce outstanding amounts of juice.

This is an efficient juicer, not wasting much and producing a larger amount of juice than you might be used to from other juicers. For people who are currently looking to purchase a new juicer, this might very well be the one to choose.

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