Juicing Myths and More

Juicing Myths: I was reading an article about experts decoding myths behind juicing diets, and even though the article kind of felt incomplete it made a couple of good points.

One thing is that when you juice, you lose out on a lot of the fiber that is in the fruits and veggies and that fiber can be a very important part of a good diet in that it slows down sugar absorption and can prevent blood sugar spikes.  Remember that souble fiber is still contained in juice.  It’s only missing the benefits of insoluble fiber which can be obtained from other sources.   

However, on the flip side, that can kind of be the point of juicing – consuming the juice straight lets your body ingest the nutrients more efficiently and get a more concentrated dose of nutrients.  So the impact you feel is almost immediate.  And if you are like me, it helps you to avoid missing out on many of the benefits of fruits and vegetables.  

“It didn’t fill me up and that’s what made my roommate and I stop,” University of Oregon student Kelcie Goetsch said. “I remember going through the school day and having a headache and then we just went to Chipotle the same day we started it.”

Of course, that is one opinion, and with any sort of new diet, you need to have some discipline to stick to it for a few days before you can really tell what it’s doing to you and your body. Your first day will not make a fair trial; but, over a week, you’ll be able to feel some of the difference.  You’ll also learn more over time about other things that you need to eat to compliment your new diet.  

Many people also just don’t get enough fruit and veggies in their diet to start with, and that is often due to the fact that some people just don’t like to eat fruits and veggies.

For these types, juicing can be very appealing because you can basically just pound down one glass of juice and get the nutrients that eating several pieces of fruit and veggies will get you. So there is that efficiency factor. This is not a juicing myth; it is a reality.  The quickness of drinking a glass of juice and knowing that you get the benefits of that is a big factor. For help in selecting the best juicer, check our our article on the top juicers for under $100.  With prices today, cost shouldn’t be an obstacle to adding juicing to your routine.  

I will admit that this is my approach to juicing. I just don’t like eating fruits and veggies much. I don’t like chewing on bland tasting veggies for 20 minutes to get the stuff I need out of them.  I know they are good for me but the blandness gets to a lot of people.  

I don’t mind steaming veggies, which makes it easier to eat. But juicing makes consumption a lot easier for my approach to life. I have to run constantly for work and home life and don’t get much time to prepare meals and eat right.

So it feels good to know that after a long day I can mix up one juice concoction without much work and get all those nutrients, in addition to what else I might have eaten throughout the day. I know that the impact on my health could be nothing but good. 

I still like to mix in steamed veggies and eat fruit during the day when possible, but knowing that I have the power of my juicer waiting at home for me at night gives me confidence that even if my diet kind of stinks during the daytime, I can at least get a good shot of healthy juice at night to help balance everything out.  

One of the myths that get me the most is that using a juicer is trouble free.  Somehow all of the TV commercials fail to show that the juicer needs to be cleaned.  You see a gorgeous drink and think that the full task is consuming it. No.  Not really.  The juicer itself must be cleaned before storage and between uses.  Be sure to find one that is easy to clean.  That will make your life a lot easier. There are few sadder things than starting out on a new venture and finding that the prep time is too much of a hassle.  



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